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Massages of the world

Chinese, Thai and Ayurvedic massages, lomi-lomi, plant reflexology, ginger facial scrubs, modelling in thermal water, hydromassage baths, seaweeds wraps , spray showers... Over 40 different types of treatment available individually or through packages to help you unwind and enhance your well-being in Le Grand Spa des Alpes® !

Photo - Massages of the world in Brides-les-Bains
Lomi-lomi massage

This traditional treatment has been practised since the dawn of time on the magnificient islands of Hawaii. This massage is based on the ancestral belief that an energy form called "Huna" circulates inside each of us. If this energy is "impeded", stress and pain can appear. Lomi-Lomi helps to release the knots and build-ups of tension in the body. Sliding pressure with forearms and hands, gentle stretching and acupressure are combined in a rhythm that echoes the dance of the breaking waves on Hawii's black sand beaches.

Chinese Tui Na Massage

Massage promoting the revival of the soul and body. By alternating kneading and pressure, Tui Na massage releases tension, rebalances the body and harmonises internal energies.

And many others on Le Grand Spa des Alpes® website.

Pre-booking and tariffs

Select and pre-book your treatment online on Le Grand Spa des Alpes® website.